Is brand marketing art or science? There is a long-running debate on the optimum characteristics of brand managers and the extent to which the scientific method of asking questions, building and testing competing hypotheses is the route to success. We rely a great deal on the rigour of scientific methodologies in research and in analytical techniques to extract value from both quantitative data and qualitative findings, but we believe the artistry of creative thinking, of making conceptual leaps and developing new ideas is a crucial part of having a positive impact on brand performance. So, inspired directly by each of […]


Tangible has been researching consumer buying behaviour and motivations for over 15 years. Underlying all of the shopper ethnography, segmentation studies and needs analyses are 3 simple principles of consumer behaviour: Satisficing, Risk Avoidance and Optimising. We think they are worth understanding so we are sharing them with you here. 1. Keep Going Carry on doing the same thing – it is working, everyone seems happy, there is no need to change. Some would label this as consumer inertia, but we recognise it as a characteristic of consumers called “satisficers”: if something is good enough to meet their needs there is no […]


We never stop taking advice and learning from our clients, and a lot of the tips we do pick up are invaluable! Someone once said always leave a list incomplete because it will keep you inquisitive, so here is our (incomplete) list of Top 9 Tips for growth from marketing directors… 1. You need a purpose – with a purpose in mind there’s always an answer to the question “why are we doing this?” 2. There must be a clear and quantifiable goal – without it, you may never know when you arrive at the right conclusion. 3. You need market appeal – the […]