Celebrating 2022

Whilst looking forward is our priority, here’s a short reflection, for the record, on what we achieved in 2022. 2022 was probably the most turbulent year we have been through since … 2021, but it’s a good news story for Team Tangible : We are a stronger business having found ways to reduce operating costs and maximise value for our clients We worked with more clients in 2022 than we did in 2021 and across 20% more projects We keep working with old friends and continue to meet new friends. Our longest term continuous client relationship is 14 years and […]


We’re adding to our brilliant team so please get in touch if you are interested in working with us on projects for A-list brands looking to grow, find more buyers, optimise their advertising, identify winning products, redevelop their packaging, refine their messaging, reorganise their merchandising and in store displays, reboot their online experience and generate breakthrough ideas by understanding what is behind what motivates real people living real lives. We need you to have experience of the UK consumer landscape, and whether you are qual, quant, specialist, generalist or something different we are keen to hear from you to see […]