4 Challenges for Research: Shifting Lifestyles


Based on our wealth of experience and diversity of clients over our first 15 years, we’re continuing our series on the 4 current challenges across 3 key sectors of FMCG, Retail and Hospitality. In case you missed them here’s Challenge 1: Making the Case for Distribution and Challenge 2: Identifying Value Drivers.
Today we’re focusing on hospitality:

3. Shifting Lifestyles


The Hospitality & Leisure sector is no different in needing to manage value and deliver growth through new products and services. The big additional theme here is dealing with changing consumer behaviour. Lifestyle and attitude shifts are resulting in new patterns of working, consuming, relaxing and seeking experiences.

Marketing theory has always identified behaviour change as the ultimate goal – and it is happening on a grand scale as people, young and old, time shift their activities, spend more money out of home and also lots of time in home. Expectations of quality, availability, service and reward are rising and the immediate challenge for research is to keep up with what they are doing and working out why, rather than trying to predict the future. Real time research, mixing online and community methodologies with fast and flexible observation techniques are the order of the day.

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing Challenge #4: Understanding the New Generation, in the meantime if you want more information about the any of the challenges explored so far please get in touch.