Tangible will comply with applicable GDPR regulations as a data processor and controller when they take effect on 25th May 2018. In conjunction with our clients and partners, we are currently working through the requirements to understand how they will impact on our business. Where do we stand? We are committed to address EU data protection requirements applicable to us as a data processor and controller. These efforts have been critical in our ongoing preparations for the GDPR: Data controller:  We collect, store and manage Personal Data in an unbiased and secure way, and we only use it for purposes […]

HOW TO INNOVATE IN 2018 – Part 2

Efforts to innovate work when they combine the creativity multiplier of imagination and connections with skill and endeavour. Or in other words, innovation succeeds when great ideas are well executed. Whereas idea making is all about the art of the fantastically possible, execution is about confronting and overcoming risk.  Adventurers know all about achieving goals by balancing their ambition with creative pragmatism – as demonstrated by the polar explorer Ben Saunders who has just reached the South Pole and holds the world record for the longest polar journey on foot. Saunders pushes himself further so that he can go further […]


If you resolve to do anything this year, do more. If you resolve to do more, do it well. DO MORE We are conditioned to celebrate singular or specialist expertise. We feel good if we master something and at this time of year there is often a focus on acquiring a new trick, ticking off a new destination or even doing less of one thing so we can concentrate on doing the right thing. If we want to grow, to achieve more and create something new there is a simple lesson based on the greatest innovator of all – Leonardo […]

Packs make better ads …

Research conducted in the US has demonstrated that a marketing claim made on pack is more powerful than one communicated in print advertising. In general, consumers perceived packs as closer to the product than ads and this greater proximity was likely to make a claim seem more credible, increasing claim believability and purchase likelihood. In one of the studies conducted, university students were offered the chance to purchase an edible, extra strength energy spray, a real product with the claim that it “works 10x faster than pills and liquids” and that consumers would “feel results within 30 seconds.” Participants either […]