Tangible Update

As we moved into 2021 and the 2021/22 financial year we said we would aim to do 3 things with our business. Here’s a progress report at the end of our financial year.

Leave the year with more people in our business than we start with.

Gail’s long association with Tangible ended whilst our business expanded as planned working with even more great clients and so we were delighted to keep adding talented, inquisitive and enthusiastic people to our growing team.

Strike a better balance for our people and our communities

We are fully hybrid – with 3 planned days in the office each week allowing the team to work more flexibly between home, fieldwork locations and our shared spaces (including our workspace in London). And we are trialling an early finish on Fridays which is not unrelated to an ongoing trial of our large stock of gin from the drinks trolley.

We’re doing better with our sustainability and waste reduction processes and are managing to continue to support good causes including the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity to improve the lives of homeless people.

Increase the odds of success for our clients by de-risking bets with faster, lower cost consumer research tools 

Our online qual and quant approaches have given real time access to real people’s daily lives and we are delighted to be able to deliver high quality project outcomes  faster and at lower cost than before the pandemic. We’re happy to share our efficiency savings with our clients, whether they are face to face in home, in store or in facility and by increasing our in house quantitative research resource we can do more for less. Our concept screening, testing and evaluation tools are even more refined and delivering results week in week out.

So, 22 years on from when we started it’s a case of so far so good. And we are all determined to make sure that what comes next is even better.