2020 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS – TIME FOR CHANGE  Marketing is The Change Function, so the start of a new decade is too good an opportunity to miss for taking new perspectives and launching fresh initiatives. So, it’s out with the same old same old, and in with our new Tangible Resolutions for an outstanding 2020: 1.     Get Healthy by facing your Brand Reality. Tracking the vital signs of awareness, distinctiveness, relevance and appeal are all helpful in uncovering indicators of performance strengths and weaknesses. A deeper and objective review of brand fame and force factors is a constructive way to […]


One of the definitions of a brand is a name with a promise. Most consumer research focuses on defining and refining the promise – finding ways to manage the positioning and execution of products and services so they are bought by the widest possible audience. But often the name is part of the brief, so if you are trying to rise to the challenge right now, here is a Tangible Q&A on creating and researching brand names. First things first: is consumer research a good way to find a great brand name? No. Unless you are very lucky it is […]

HOW TO INNOVATE IN 2018 – Part 2

Efforts to innovate work when they combine the creativity multiplier of imagination and connections with skill and endeavour. Or in other words, innovation succeeds when great ideas are well executed. Whereas idea making is all about the art of the fantastically possible, execution is about confronting and overcoming risk.  Adventurers know all about achieving goals by balancing their ambition with creative pragmatism – as demonstrated by the polar explorer Ben Saunders who has just reached the South Pole and holds the world record for the longest polar journey on foot. Saunders pushes himself further so that he can go further […]