Innovation Culture – It’s about them, not you


An organisation’s culture is best observed in the way the team behaves when the boss isn’t there. And we all know that having the right culture and environment is vital when seeking transformational change through innovation. So what is actually going on in your organisation?

    Does it look like a place that thrives on experimentation and the risk of failure
    Do people have progressive attitudes and world-changing ambitions
    Are resources being allocated to thinking, education, learning
    Are people actually happy talking honestly about things that have gone wrong as they look for opportunities to succeed
    Are there a lot of different overlapping things going on, at varying stages of progress
    Is there a desire for measurement as a means to find solutions
    Are people curious, courageous, spirited and open
    Do you overhear people saying things like “why not?”, “who knows?”, “if it isn’t broken, break it anyway”, or are they more likely to say “better not, it’s a bit risky”

If you want innovation to happen naturally you can do three things that recognise it’s about the team, not you:

    – start with the people, not processes, and help provide the conditions for them to find the projects they see as a source of fulfilment and motivation
    – enable them to build on their existing assets, skills and strengths
    – create priorities by focusing on problems that they believe need solving

If you haven’t got one already achieving an innovation culture is difficult. Any culture change is difficult. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try. Give it a go.