A focused fast and furious technique to create breakthrough innovation


Teams are selected based on screening to prove their potential to be creative rather than job roles. After a kick off session where scope, goals and success criteria are defined and agreed individual team members are briefed and given a personal tool kit to generate ideas – alone. The team is reconvened after a prescribed interval (typically 14 days)to present their ideas at a rocket fuelled workshop session.  Each is presented by the person that knows it best – the creator – before a series of sequential critique and build exercises shapes and improves the idea based on multiple perspectives.

The ideas that emerge are evaluated at the end of the day against the pre agreed success criteria. The most exciting prospects are either taken away by the originator for further development or handed over to an expert team to go into the innovation pipeline.


Many innovation programmes are cumbersome, slow and spectacularly expensive. Lots of them encourage diluted thinking, unexciting ideas and spectacularly ineffective outputs that never get off the ground.  This is because of two simple flaws based on “group think” :

1. groups do not have ideas, individual people do, and 2. momentum is lost by delegating innovation to a consensus seeking process.

The solution to giving great ideas the opportunity to get off the ground is to combine velocity with ambition.