An online research tool to detect problems and barriers to growth and provide a basis for action


An online survey tool is used to rigorously explore all of the different issues that could be influencing customer behaviour, and provide a measure of their level of the impact.

However, the strength of the research is in the breadth of the view that it takes; the list of barriers is developed through consultation with a range of internal stakeholders from different functions within the business, to ensure all possible issues are included.

A large sample is used to enable comparisons of subgroups, such as lapsed users, aware non-users, target demographics and any other variables that are relevant and useful to help plan business growth.


Many brand experience tools focus only on positives and run into issues with avidity bias because respondents are used to clicking through to a “would you recommend this product or service to a friend” type question. It is more valuable to know what is stopping people buying the brand (after all the product and service is good enough to be enduring  in the market, so most measures of relevance and satisfaction are redundant) and therefore where the brand owner can take action to change behaviour. Put simply, by detecting these problems, and understanding which of them are the biggest inhibitors, doorways to growth can be opened more easily.