Mixed methodology research to help develop market winning innovation


Groups of consumers in the target market are pre recruited to attend a central location (usually a Tangible facility). Repeated over the course of one or two days with enough groups to provide a robust sample, respondents are presented with new product concepts (boards, packcepts, product prototypes or useable samples) in rotation. Each is subjected to a rigorous structured questionnaire moderated in silence providing a quantitative response to the idea.  Short discussion groups are facilitated by a qualitative researcher to dig into responses to the concepts, to identify themes and issues and discuss barriers to comprehension, distinctiveness, relevance and appeal. Results are collated for a rapid numbers topline followed by a diagnostic report from the qual.


Numbers help provide confidence in new ideas, but often the biggest challenge in early stage innovation research is to determine where potential lies rather than which concept is the winner. Combining qual with the quant means the drivers of concept appeal can be better understood. Firstly, based on individual response and appeal and then a group comprehension and credibility check the combination of approaches helps work out which ideas are lost in translation, have greater potential for development or need more emphasis on execution.