A series of individual ultra-deep interviews designed to uncover underlying behaviour drivers.


We call this mind mining because we want to get deep into the subconscious reality of the respondent’s mind. This means pursuing a line of specially constructed questions which go incrementally deeper into the factors behind initial responses to find the underlying drivers of reported attitudes and behaviours. Always conducted as individual interviews, these are typically extended in length and repeated with a number of respondents to remove outliers. Once identified, the underlying drivers can be validated with a larger online sample and used as the basis for concept and communications testing.


Depth interviews are often quite shallow and broad-ranging – they cover a series of related issues to build a picture of the respondent’s attitudes. However, at an individual level, people are endlessly fascinating, complex and contradictory. Sometimes there is a need to get deeper, to work on fewer and more significant issues and dig deep through the complexities of the human mind to find the underlying drivers of behaviour. This is typically useful when there’s an opportunity to hit a rich seam of great insights around emotions and needs in different need states, and it never fails to prove fascinating and invaluable to clients wishing to unlock tricky problems in complex markets.