A turbocharged sprint through innovation idea generation through a consumer filter to provide a list of ready to develop concepts within the same day.


The Online Pack-Maven combines Quantitative measurement with a dash of Qualitative diagnosis. A large sample of respondents are recruited to our panel and served with structured questionnaire and up to 3 candidate designs. A series of basket exercises are conducted to simulate buying decisions and questioning drills into distinctiveness, recognition, comprehension and motivation generated by the test designs vs control stimulus. Qualitative questions are included to capture the top of mind diagnostics and to help inform design optimisation.


Why:  Small differences in colour, message hierarchy, claims or descriptors can be difficult to evaluate. We know that many buying decisions for packaged products start and end online and so we use a combination of mocked up shelf fixtures and simulated online stores to place design options amongst visual noise and a competitive context. The Online Pack Maven test cannot deal effectively with variables such as a substrate, texture, and 3D forms but it is an excellent environment in which to judge decision-making impact amongst large samples of potential buyers. We have been applying our own expertise in packaging research for decades (the founders of Tangible met at a design agency), helping brand owners to make pack changes that work at the point of sale. When the point of sale is online the online pack maven test comes into its own.