Accompanied internet browsing and buying.


People are recruited to participate in the test based on rigorous selection and screening criteria. They are invited to a central location, usually a Tangible facility, or are visited in their own home. Using their own device (phone, tablet or laptop – whatever they use for the subject in question) they are invited to conduct a series of exercises and missions whilst being observed and recorded by our researcher. Stimulus can be created and served to the respondent in a more natural and realistic way than pulling a concept board from a bag. Following the exercise, a short interview focuses on any observed issues and also delves deeper into understanding what has been noticed, emotional responses, and potential areas for improvement.


We know that most people’s online behaviour is intuitive and subconscious. So it is not helpful to ask people what they do. We believe that observing behaviour in real time and face to face is the way to get the clearest, most accurate and true to life picture of user experience, and responses to apps, websites, online ads and can best be understood by a combination of looking listening and then questioning.