A turbocharged sprint through a topic or challenge to provide a consumer perspective and immediate feedback within the same day.


A team is convened comprising client, agency partners and Tangible consultants to agree on the key objectives and required outputs of the day.  Stimulus can either be created together in the first part of the day or be pre-prepared. A number of consumer engagement sessions are held throughout the day (typically in small groups, but individual depth interviews or larger creative workshops are also options) and quick learning discussions held after each. We use a sequential recycling approach where the stimulus is modified and developed throughout the day so we end with an optimised, consumer checked concept.


We recognise that the best research builds on its own learning in real-time and that sometimes time is very short. The best research helps speed up and improve decision making so we have developed a means of putting consumers at the heart of the process by giving our clients the opportunity to develop and explore ideas with immediate feedback. Those attending the research session can leave at the end of the day (or first thing the next morning if we apply the “think on it overnight” test) with a shared view on the findings and an agreed action plan – no time is lost waiting for a debrief.