A forced decision test in the form of a time trial at a real fixture.


The Real Time Decisions Test is a supervised observation and interview methodology. People from the target market are recruited individually to attend research sessions at a central location (usually a Tangible facility) where they are given a category average browse and buy time (typically no more than 90 seconds) and observed selecting a product from a life-size test fixture which includes the test pack. Having made a decision they are interviewed and a picture built over successive interviews about the standout, distinctiveness, and appeal of the test pack.


We believe physical shelf tests are the best way to evaluate packaging as it recreates the buying environment presenting respondents with real-world visual noise and competitive context. We recognise that most shopper decision making is System One led – instinctively done based on habit and intuition – so we need to ensure research does not create a false buying environment or exaggerate the consideration time real people give to real in-store decisions.