In our experience of researching people’s engagement with brands, it seems to us that strong relationships are formed with those where there is a visual force. Psychologists and behavioural scientists have, for decades, talked about the power of visual appearance and body language over verbal communication. It is often quoted that 80% of effective communication is non-verbal and that how things are presented can, therefore, be even more important than content. We have even heard that people who are perceived to be more attractive earn more. We believe that the same probably applies to brands, although we wouldn’t advocate the […]

Brands That Talk to Me

When we ask people to tell us about brands they reply with words. Even when we give them pens and encourage a bit of drawing they like to start with words. It’s not surprising, as we have all been conditioned to work this way since childhood – “tell me what it was like”, “describe her”, “tell me a story”. We will talk about the power of visuals and the “body language” of brands in a different post, but here we are focusing on those words. What people talk about when they talk about brands. They usually start, and finish, by […]

4 Challenges for Research: Understanding the New Generation

Based on our wealth of experience and diversity of clients over our first 15 years, here is the last in our series on the 4 current challenges across 3 key sectors of FMCG, Retail and Hospitality. In case you missed them, here’s Challenge 1: Making the Case for Distribution, Challenge 2: Identifying Value Drivers and Challenge 3: Shifting Lifestyles.   In our final part of this series we’re focusing on the newest wave of consumers and how this impacts on all 3 sectors of FMCG, retail and hospitality.   4. Understanding the New Generation   The fourth big challenge applies […]