The latest age group starting to enter work and becoming financially active is Generation Z – people born between 1995 and 2010. Brand owners need to know who these people are and what makes them tick because we need to sell to them as well as employ them to do the selling.

There’s a new Tangible research report looking at Gen Z in detail, exploding myths and uncovering the reality of their lives and motivations.

The first big myth the report deals with is that Gen Z can be treated as a single typology. To assume they are all the same consigns the whole population to a single set of characteristics based only on their birth date - which would mean anyone marketing to a single version of Gen Z may as well employ an astrologer as a brand manager.

Gen Z are not all green activists any more than they are all super fit gym goers with an 8 second attention span. However, they do have shared cultural, social and economic experiences which are influential in shaping individual attitudes and behaviour. Research has uncovered three big motivations of Gen Z : Achievement for Wealth; Health for Happiness and Ethics and Environment for Social Belonging. Getting beneath the surface of each of these is the key to connecting with almost 7 million new consumers.

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