We never stop taking advice and learning from our clients, and a lot of the tips we do pick up are invaluable! Someone once said always leave a list incomplete because it will keep you inquisitive, so here is our (incomplete) list of Top 9 Tips for growth from marketing directors…

1. You need a purpose – with a purpose in mind there’s always an answer to the question “why are we doing this?”

2. There must be a clear and quantifiable goal – without it, you may never know when you arrive at the right conclusion.

3. You need market appeal – the more buyers you have the bigger the potential of the business.

4. Distinctiveness not differentiation – the difference is being memorable and that is a bigger driver of sales

5. Ask “So what?” – test and prove the value of your idea to your company, your customers and your stakeholders. Most ideas fail in execution so focus on ensuring outstanding delivery of the things that customers say really matter to them.

6. Make active choices and trade-offs – eliminate ambiguity and recognise the consequences of decisions. It is liberating when you can agree that not all sales are equal.

7. Make the competition irrelevant  – avoid the risk of converging by benchmarking and remember that athletes run faster when looking forwards. Compare your results, not your plans.

8. Take action – carrying our your strategy is as important as the strategy itself. The process makes for a better and more engaged team. The act of seeking alignment produces a strategy with commitment built in.

9. Measure your success – have you achieved your goal?

If you want to know more or add to our list, please get in touch!