Quick turnaround qualitative interviews and groups at a fraction of the price, with all the benefits of an established full-service agency


Whilst focusing on the most important factors, quality conversation with quality respondents. we cut out as many cost drivers as we can. QuickQual delivers efficient results for simple topics like this:

Recruitment criteria and screener limited to ensure Quick Find Recruitment

Hosted online via zoom, open for viewing by client team members in real time

Moderated by 2 Tangible researchers – rotating and watching to get an all-round perspective, building and learning throughout the process and delivering quick results straight after fieldwork

Day 1: brief discussed, max budget set and sample agreed

Days 2- 5: recruitment commences and keeps going up to a max number of respondents or achieving minimum threshold by (day 5) deadline (you only pay for the number participating)

Days 6-7: fieldwork – typically 45-60-minute sessions (depending on the topic)

Day 7-8: quick turnaround report and online presentation


Talking with real people about real lives helps build better insights – and qualitative research is good for this, combining flexibility with depth so real stories can be followed.

There’s a need for a new approach to  tackling the 3 typical decision criteria when using qual : time (classic group set up, recruitment, fieldwork analysis and reporting can take a month to six weeks); cost (traditional groups, especially face to face, can be costly); complexity (sometimes there’s a need for clarity around just a key topic or two and analysing and interpretation can take time).