About Us


We help our clients create successful strategies and make great decisions by interpreting the reality of people’s lives not just analysing data

Our Principles


Everything is clearer when understood in context. We work hard at making sure we find the right context for research and decision making.


Our work is focused on identifying growth opportunities and we know most brands grow by gaining more buyers. We believe that the recipe for continued brand strength is two-parts Force (or distinctiveness) and one-part Fame.


We value Human Intelligence above Artificial Intelligence. We aim to bring clarity to the complexities, contradictions and inconsistency of people, their attitudes and behaviour by applying our minds as well as deploying our models


Understanding people is the key to success: we go beyond data and think about customers, shoppers, guests and consumers as people in different modes and in different circumstances

Our Services


Face to face and online qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as traditional focus groups, interviews, surveys and communities we use a range of proprietary techniques to understand people’s behaviour and attitudes in their day to day lives and help our clients make great decisions.


We support our clients with our commercial pragmatism and senior management experience by providing consulting services around: brand and business strategy facilitation: communications planning, trends and behaviour interpretation: market opportunity scoping and acquisition due diligence.


We design and deliver experiential learning programmes and workshops that produce immediate results across the core disciplines of: consumer research, insight generation, innovation, communications planning, segmentation and positioning and strategy development.