Our Manifesto for Brand Reality

Fantasy marketing is alive and kicking and it’s time to tackle it head on. The danger is a syndrome where organisations end up believing their own publicity when no one else has even noticed it. Marketing Departments talk about what they have agreed within their organisation that they want their brand to be, rather than what it actually is. If the consequence is not making the changes necessary to change current and real perceptions of their brand then the end result is marketing that looks like it doesn’t work.

It is risky to assume that brands exist in the real world as they are defined by the people managing them and described in highly polished slide decks or beautifully designed brand books. The version of the brand that matters most is the one that is stored in the mind and the memory separate to the direct experience of the products or the service. It is what real people actually believe the brand to be that is the most useful version to work with. This is what we call brand reality.

We believe that brands can be more successful when they are rooted in the truths they own and then matched to the truths emerging as the current priorities of consumers and their lives. That is why we believe the primary focus of marketing should be to unlock this potential by revealing those truths through real evidence – real findings from real people:  your customers, your people, your influencers.

Today, consumers are setting the brand agenda like never before. So we don’t think you should bother with all of that fantasy stuff. In our approach to brand consulting we use our research expertise to uncover a fact-based analysis of the here and now and then to bridge the gap between current brand reality and the result that matters: achieving your future brand ambition.


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