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Can Brand Owners be Presidential?

People have to vote for presidents just once a term but we want them to buy our brands more frequently, so there is a limit to the parallels that can be drawn. However, as it is open season on this sort of observation here’s our Tangible guide to presidential branding:

  1. Act with confidence and dignity – that’s the definition of being presidential
  2. Be distinctive – it’s the route to attention and memorability
  3. Start with what you believe – values connect first; even before deals, features and functions
  4. Be likeable – why not? After all, you want to build relationships
  5. Accentuate the positive – you are more likely to be liked by more people
  6. Say it as it is, but stick to the truth – real stories are more credible and sustainable
  7. Have some humility – humour and self-deprecation appeals to people’s humanity
  8. Reinforce with repetition – but remember that repeat buying trumps anything you can say