Leadership Vs. Management

We look at leadership vs management


At Tangible, we have a lot of experience of running projects for our clients, and over the past 15 years we have picked up some good ideas along the way. Here are our top tips, whether you are leading a project or managing it day to day.

Leading a Project

  1. Invest in the team and encourage a culture of positivity
  2. Be clear about what you expect, and what you value
  3. Set explicit, real and measurable targets with realistic deadlines – no game playing
  4. Be consistent in your actions and reactions
  5. Don’t make promises that you or your team cannot keep
  6. Praise in public, criticise in private
  7. Explain and demonstrate, but don’t take over
  8. Seek visibility of emerging issues – don’t just rely on scheduled status reports


 Managing a Project

  1. Eliminate ambiguity and fudging – understand the project objectives
  2. Establish a defined, staged process to get the job done
  3. Plan and prepare in detail – the more detail the better
  4. Set action standards, KPIs and decision triggers
  5. Set up progress and performance tracking mechanisms and reporting processes
  6. Anticipate problems, establish and follow simple reporting and resolution mechanisms
  7. Do not skip hurdles or dodge action standards
  8. Keep everyone focused on the objective; do not tolerate project mission creep

Good luck (not that you will need it)!

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