Virtual vs Reality

We noticed this video via The Drum today and it gave us pause for thought.  Take a look and see what you think of Tesco’s virtual store being showcased at the TCC International Marketing Forum this week in Berlin.

A number of market research companies already use virtual reality (VR) as a research tool as it enables them to test a series changes to fixtures and packs in quick succession and on a large scale. This is a valuable tool if you need to scope out an idea or concept at a whole store level, but it is worth remembering that consumers in shopping mode tend to screen out most of what they see, whereas in screen based research they are expected to consciously look.

Our preferred approach at Tangible is to go virtual first for broad ideas if necessary, but to get real, using real life fixtures and fittings, as soon as possible.

Our very real fixtures and fittings

If you have any questions about virtual reality research or its real life counterpart, feel free to get in touch via

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