Making Deal Shopping A Good Deal For Brands

The growth of budget retailers is well documented and often attributed to the ‘hourglass’ economy where the mainstream middle is being squeezed by static income and increased cost of living – especially on unavoidable purchases such as utilities and taxes. No surprise then that 50p is the new £ for some products.

Added value services at the point of sale using multi sensory stimuli and high engagement add-ons such as personal shopping can bring an extra dimension to the retail environment. But where does this leave product brand owners who want to add value to categories and give their consumers an outstanding experience?

Successful brands will win by creating an emotional response beyond a rational appreciation of a good price. This has never been more important for a whole host of categories where deals account for the majority of purchasing.

Our tips for fighting off the commoditisation of brands include:

Accentuate the Positive

Consumers need reasons to buy, not to ignore your brand so talk up and repeat  the good news and the benefits.

Tangible Distinctiveness

Increase the Force of your brand by emphasising something memorable and different.

True Stories

The truth is the most powerful weapon for a brand with a story to tell. It is also a great source of distinctiveness.

Visible Value

Where there is a value benefit make sure it is clearly communicated. In a deal culture this will be rewarded with interest

This post was inspired by a recent documentary on BBC One – Secrets of the Sales – which took a look behind the scenes in some of Britian’s biggest stores to find out how sales work from the inside. At the time of posting, this program was still available to view on the BBC iPlayer here.

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