Packaging and Identity Research

We believe that packaging is the primary selling tool for the brand and the most tangible expression of the consumer proposition.

We believe that great packaging starts with a clear purpose, and an understanding of the role of the pack in achieving the growth objectives for the brand. We also believe that a clear brief based on consumer insight, and research rigour in the development process are the best ways to channel creative excellence towards successful packaging.

This requires a full appreciation, from the consumer perspective, of packaging communication in the context of the category and the competitive set, and this is why we concern ourselves with the distinction between design aesthetics and brand communication.

Our commitment is to provide clear, pragmatic, actionable recommendations for brand owners and designers to be able to win at the key moments of truth. Pack has become something of a specialism of ours – it is one of the things we do best and why we have built successful and long term relationships with our clients.

Please get in touch to find out more about our approach to packaging and design research, including:

Design brief development and refinement: using our Growth Objective Model to define the design task

Tangible Pack Optimisation: R.E.A.L. recommendation to lose, retain, enhance, add to improve design effectiveness

Maintenance and planning of brand identity and architecture

One Day Solution: recognising the need for speed and flexibility we have devised our unique best practice programme of integrated design development and research. Defining, creating and validating a fully optimised design solution