NPD and Innovation

Winning products beat the competition at the point of use. They do this by delivering against consumer wants and needs – and this is why we believe in the primacy of understanding product and service performance in terms of both emotional and rational criteria.

Successful NPD is an accelerated route to growth and in our experience the best innovation programmes deliver success by going beyond creating great ideas, by ensuring they are well executed and can beat the competition. Our expertise is to help our clients plan for success by overcoming the potential causes of failure.

Our focus during idea generation is to build strong consumer platforms as the basis for meeting consumer needs; we then subject the ideas to a commercially rigorous development and decision making framework – an approach we call creative pragmatism (or freedom within the framework). We then apply our skills in packaging and design optimisation and shopper and category marketing to help ensure that the great ideas are well executed in the market place and given the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Please get in touch to find out more about our approach to npd, including:

Product strategy:  Our Value:Benefit Model helps to define the role for existing and new product development in portfolio management

Consumer Segmentation: identifying the needs of existing and potential consumers in new and rapidly growing or mature and crowded markets

Idea generation:  including our constructive Critique and Build methodology

Concept Development and Filtering: Unearthing insights, igniting creativity and creating tangible outputs to accelerate growth.