Brand and Strategy Development

Experience tells us that brands succeed when they offer consumers something distinctive that is relevant, credible and motivating to beat the competition at point of purchase and point of use by the target market.

Our analysis of successful brands indicates the importance of force and fame characteristics. Whilst fame is earned over time by building a reputation for delivery and a deep understanding and engagement with the brand, force comes from distinctiveness, or meaningful difference, and is the basis for heightened awareness.

We believe that brand force is the greatest driver of long term growth and so our work focuses on helping our clients create, identify and develop more force in their brands to enhance and sustain value.

Please get in touch to find out more about our approach to all elements of brand strategy:

Brand proposition building and positioning development

Brand, range and product architecture and communication hierarchy

Brand Scorecards, growth roadmaps and brand maintenance programming

Trends analysis and strategy alignment



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